May 25, 2010

May 25th

I started reading a few mangas today. One, which I plan on continuing, is Fullmetal Alchemist, which I find highly amuzing. I started and finished the first installment today, and I fully plan on heading back to the library for more tomorrow.

The other is Cirque du Freak. I'm not too sure about this one yet, but I figure I'll finish the first one and go for the second just to be sure that I'm not interested, or if it suddenly becomes interesting I might have to keep reading it. I find that the dialogue is really... not good. It's just to forced, like they're reading a passage from a book instead of talking.

I also took out the first books of The Tarot Café and Avalon High. I plan on reading those tomorrow. I'm also planning on borrowing the first books of Bleach and +Anima from my friend.

The story is: all of my friends are anime geeks and I've been feeling in a creative rut lately so I decided to start reading some, because watching isn't really my style. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Other than that, I'm procrastonating a French project right now, which I really should get to. Pancake breakfast tomorrow morning, Western Day at school. 13 days left.

Yours, Allie

May 24, 2010

Still At It

Another post, just trying to keep up my recent streak of posting. Not much new today. I bought the 3rd Dragonball omnibus today, so I can finally keep reading that, and I started reading XxxHolic online. I'm not sure whether I like it or not yet, but as soon as I figured out that Sakura and Syaoran were in it I figured I had to keep reading. So I'm about to start Chapter 16 tomorrow. Yeah, I'm reading unusually fast today.

I just did a concept art for a weapon for one of my characters from the TV series I wrote about earlier. It's basically a bow that sets itself up in seconds, optimal for combat involving alot of moving between locations.

That's about all for today, it was Victoria day, so I got the day off. I also had Friday off for the World Skills en lieu, so I had a nice long weekend. 14 school days left. I don't know if I'm actually going to make it...

I hope you are all doing better than I!

Cosplay 2010

In regards to my last post about Otafest where I said was trying to find out what I should do for my cosplay I have some ideas now:

5 Clow Cards (From Cardcaptors Sakura)
-The Sand

-The Snow
-The Arrow
-The Wood
-The Rain

Video Game Characters
-Faith (Mirror's Edge)
-Viola (Time Splitters: Future Perfect)

I'll put a poll in the side bar, I need input! Thanks guys!
Yours, Allie

May 23, 2010

Post-Ota Report

Hello all,

So, yesterday I attended Otafest, an annual anime/manga/video game/general Japanese culture convention here in Calgary. This was my first time attending, and I must say I was very impressed.

First and foremost, the cosplayers were fantastic. I was stunned by the vast array of characters, from Pikachu to Naruto (there were only about 3 of him, as opposed to the number my friends and I were estimating) to a few very special characters I managed to find. Namely: a hunter from the Left4Dead series (which I have recently become addicted to), Cinderella, the crew from South Park and the one and only Dr Horrible. I was so impressed by the costumes that I recruited the better half of my friends to dress up with me next year.
The vendors had some pretty varried merchandise, from the classic mangas and plushies to fans, corsets, and even zori (Japanese sandals). Being a girl I must recount what I got: a beautiful fan, a hat with panda ears and the anger symbol (like the one on Kyo cat), a stuffed sushi, a stuffed rice ball and a stuffed Jack Skellington! He is so cute ^^!
There were Taiko drummers that we went to see, and they were fantastic. I'm going to post the videos to Youtube soon. I got to try the drums after, the power was fantastic!
I entered the FanFiction contest!! I wrote a piece on Cardcaptor Sakura, a First Person POV from Touya during this clip: I'm really proud of my story, and I'll be posting it to when I'm finished with this entry.
I can't think of much else to talk about... I can't organize my thoughts! It was a fabulous exprience and I can't wait for next year.
Yours, Allie
P.S. I'm making an effort to write more often, have you noticed ;D
P.P.S. I'm taking suggestions for my cosplay next year, I already have a few ideas, but I'd love to hear from anyone who cares to leave a comment! What's the saying: two heads think better than one? Imagine how well I could think with several heads...

May 21, 2010

*Insert Bad Title Here*

Hey again!

I'm posting a second blog in one month, this is kind of awesome. Anyway, a few interesting things happened today.

I went out shopping with my mom today and ended up at the Dance Store. I managed to find a beautiful black hip scarf with gold coins and beads and a full set of zills! I'm officially ready for my performance in the talent show (which I made!). I just cut my music down to the required time, I'm still considering using another song completely because it sucks how I've done it. But the costume has come together, it's a tribal fusion costume, as soon as I put it on I'll take a picture and try to post it up here, it's pretty awesome.

I also found an old bra, which miraculously is black, which I never wear anymore that I can turn into a wonderful belly dance bra with a little embellishment. I have so many beads hanging around that should be no problem. I just need to find time...

I still need to write my fanfiction for tomorrow, I haven't started yet and I was hoping to get a few thousand words into it. Or do several shorts again, because I seem to do that best. Which reminds me, I need to e-mail the host of the contest and ask about how the categories work... I should do that now if I want a reply.

I hope life is going well for everyone!
Yours, Allie

May 17, 2010


After a long absence I figured it was time for a new post.
I've been working on a lot of writing projects lately, including a small book of short stories that I submitted to a school contest, which I took first place in. I've been working on several fanfiction projects on ( if you want to check out some of my work).

I've also hatched a plot and several characters that are forming themselves into a series of screenplays about 60 pages long. Yes, I'm writing a television series. Not that it'll be on television any time soon if ever, but it's turning into television format.

As well, this month I came up with a very interesting plot for a thriller/action/drama movie, which I will start writing this summer.

I have so many projects saved up! This is going to be a very eventful summer with all the writing I have to do, I have two stories on that need finishing, the movie I've planned out and the TV series I've plotted. Not to mention my newfound infatuation with the TV show Castle, for which a fanfiction will more than likely come about sooner or later.

Other than that, there's a fanfiction contest this weekend at Otafest and I need to write my story for that. It needs to be a single chapter and under 9,999 words long to be able to be handed in on Saturday as opposed to Wednesday (2 days from now).

In more past news, I took 1st place at the most recent Provincial Archery tournament, which was a dream come true! I have the plaque on my wall and I finally earned a little bit of respect as an athlete in my club. For the record, I won first by 101 points.

Tomorrow I'm trying out for the school's talent show, I'm playing piano for my friend who is singing "The Last Song I'm Wasting On You" by Evanescence. ( ) As well I'm trying out on my own with a self-choreographed tribal fusion belly dance. I'm very nervous, and I've been practicing nonstop for days. I will try to remember to let you know how that turns out.

I took my Chemistry IB diploma last week, and I likely did terribly, though I probably did not fail. I still have my Alberta diploma in the middle of June this year, and all of my IB and Alberta diplomas (English IB, Social IB, Biology IB, Math IB and French IB) next year. It will be a busy year for me, and then I'm finally off to University. I'm excited about this becasue I've finally figured out what I'm doing with myself there.

I'm going to get a BA in English specializing in Creative Writing at the University of Calgary, then I'll go to the University of British Columbia for my Masters in Creative Writing specializing in Film. Then... who knows where that will take me.

As unrealistic as it sounds, I want to get into the film industry and work my way towards getting the show I've envisioned on the air. I'm very enthusiastic about this concept and this story and I want to see it through to the end.

Other than all that not much is going on. I should sign off so I can go and do my homework, and maybe eat. I'm not sure about the last one yet :P who has time to eat? And this sleeping nonsense... it takes up far too much time that can be used writing and doing homework. Oh well, improvements to productivity to come!

Take care all!

Jan. 7, 2010

Heh... Oops

I know, I know it's been absolutely forever since I last posted (it's not like anyone reads this anyway). But I wanted to share some good news somewhere. I managed to win on eBay today a reprint copy of the episode "Twisted Sister" of NCIS.
I truly couldn't be more excited, "Twisted Sister" is one of my favourite episodes of the show, so for that reason I'm happy to have it, and secondly, now I have something to study from, because I wrote a fanfiction for NCIS that I wanted to turn into a spec script that I could plausibly send in. I think, from an article I read on the interweb and a book my mother got me for christmas that I can actually do this.
So now that I have study material (well, not yet, but in 4-6 days :D) I can get to writing my script!
That's all for now. Back to school tomorrow (on a Thursday. WUT?!?!). Happy New Years and I hope everyone had a great Christmas (or whatever else you happen to celebrate).

Jul. 25, 2009

Special Picture for Trekky17

I will give this one last shot....

Jul. 10, 2009

The Wonderful World of Pathology

For my latest fanfiction for Star Trek: 2009 I created an OC (original character) who is a pathologist. Her name is Doctor Amata Gerald, she is 16 (human) years old.

"But Allie, how can a 16 year old possibly be a licensed pathologist?"

Well, on the planet this young human was raised on, called Salthasia (I will add, this planet was never incorporated in any work of actual Star Trek fiction. This planet and it's people were completely created by me), the students are expected to have completed their education for their careers by the Salthasian age of 19, which would be equivalent to about 14 in human years.

She became a pathologist because she never knew how her parents died.

The story behind my endeavour into pathology was actually quite fascinating, and I will admit that I am not yet complete with my gruesome journey.

I am only 16 myself, and I am certainly not involved in pathological studies, nor am I particularly interested in pursuing pathology as a career, but I am interested in the procedures and how one conducts a thorough autopsy.

So I trekked (no pun intended) down to my local library and picked up a copy of "Dissecting Death: Secrets of a Medical Examiner" by Frederick Zugibe. I actually have yet to finish the first chapter but the amount of information given in the first chapter was more than enough to condone autopsies on the bodies of several Starfleet officers missing several concealed bits and pieces of themselves in my story.

I will say that I plan on finishing the book which I simply must recommend for anyone suffering any odd fascination with the subject due to CSI, NCIS, and the like on television. I will compare the vocabulary and the voice of the writer to be very much similar to the speech patterns of Doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard (on whom I based Doctor Amata Gerald's autopsy style, i.e. talking to dead bodies) of NCIS.

That will be all for today, I know I never publish anything, but I doubt that anyone actually reads this blog anyway! If anyone does: thank you for sitting through my insanity, and I promise to give you another tidbit of said mental state in the future (near, mid, or far I cannot promise).

Do Svidanya!

May 13, 2009


Piercing gold
Slicing through blinding flourescence
Nothing known 'bout it's essence

The gold

Knowing depth
Within the golden deep abyss
Scalding heat
Eminating from only this

The gold

By its touch
I lose the breath from my own lips
Its soft attack
Smiling while it suffocates

The gold

Smiles through
And suffocates the new victim
I'm it's prey
I am a willing victim to

The gold